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Ambassador Agreement

Get your paws on store credit with The Ambassador Program!

As a top dog ambassador, you can get your paws on a 10% commission on all sales made using your unique code (minus discounts, shipping, refunds, and taxes). Your commission will come in the form of store credit, which you can use to snag goodies on The Dainty Paws website.  Just keep in mind that if there are any returns, cancellations, or fishy orders, commissions may be reversed. Plus, you can't earn credit on orders made with your own code - no cheating, pups!

At the end of each month, we'll dish out your hard-earned commissions in the form of store credit. So, if you earned some cash in June, you'll be swimming in store credit by the end of July. Happy shopping!

Attention Ambassadors! Follow the Program's Commandments

As a Dainty Paws ambassador, it's important to adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Under no circumstances should you distribute discount codes to coupon sites. Doing so will result in termination and the loss of any outstanding commissions.

  • Ambassadors cannot promote or become Ambassadors/Representatives for any  other company similar to Dainty Paws ex. (Beaded Collars, Beaded Necklaces) during your term with Dainty Paws as this is a conflict of interest.

  • Ambassador terms are per season,  January -June and June -December.  At the end of each term ambassadorship will be reviewed and if all requirements are met you will than be offered to continue representing Dainty Paws for another term! 

  • Ensure that your marketing strategies comply with all regulations, from national to local.

  • Remember that Dainty Paws reserves the right to terminate ambassadors without notice. By following these rules, you can continue to promote our pet products and share the love. 💞

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